Super Mario Run Booming Worldwide – iOS and Android


Nintendo launches on December 15 the first version of the famous plumber game for Apple devices, it will also release on android platforms later.

The most iconic character of Nintendo , Mario, will arrive on December 15 to mobile devices. Super Mario Run is the first game of the famous plumber designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will be available in more than 150 countries.

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The title can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store, so players can try free some elements of their three game modes, but must make a payment of 9.99 euros to guarantee unlimited access to each of these available modes , as the Japanese company said in a statement Tuesday.

In Super Mario Run , first game of Super Mario Bros developed specifically for mobile devices, Mario runs forward automatically and depends on the touches that the player will give on the screen to jump over obstacles, collect coins, dodge enemies and reach the flag to complete levels.

The game will be compatible with devices running iOS 8.0 and later operating systems and will be available in English, Japanese, Super Mario Run Hack German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Traditional Chinese.

Nintendo delayed its arrival to the world of mobile gaming: its decision to create content for mobile postponed until the spring of this year, when it launched Miitomo, an application halfway between social network and messaging starring mii virtual avatars.

The launch last summer of Pokemon Go , the application invites go out to “hunt” the monsters of the animated series, became a phenomenon and sent shares of Japan’s technological reach double.

Now is the turn of Super Mario, one of the major brands of video game company, which since its creator, Shigeru Miyamoto , said it would have a game for iPhone and iPad – in last September during the presentation of the latest model phone Apple- fired Nintendo shares almost 30%.

Also Watch the Super mario Run Gameplay below.