Brawl Stars – The Best Ways To Play The Game Effectively

Brawl Stars - The Best Ways To Play The Game Effectively

Successful creators such as Clash Royale or Clash of Clans release Brawl Stars. This game puts into practice some concepts of the most played MOBA on PC. It is tremendously competitive and you can play online against other players. We explain some of the basics to start playing.

To this day it is absolutely indisputable that there are two very successful game models. On the one hand, mobile video games like Clash Royale. On the other, the MOBA for PC of the type of League of Legends or Dota 2 . Now you can play one that combines the characteristics of both: Brawl Stars .

This online game for iOS and Android is available worldwide. Its variety of game modes, dynamism and competitiveness bring everything you need to succeed in a very short time. So you know what to expect from the beginning we have prepared a tutorial guide with the basics of Brawl Stars.

Before you begin, it should be made clear that while borrowing Clash Royale and MOBA elements, it is not a copy of either. Here you have to select a Brawler or Hero and play with it, either against bots or against human players. You do not always have to do it as a team; Also has an individual mode.

Two types of controls and attacks

The controls of Brawl Stars different from the ones used by mobile games . You can choose between two game modes, and here you take control of the character, not as in Clash Royale.

You can operate it using a virtual joystick on the screen or by touch mode to go , that is, your Brawler is automatically directed to the point of the screen you press. This option is modified in the game settings.

The selection of one or the other is at the consumer’s liking. Not all players feel comfortable with both, although consider the type of attacks that your hero has. One of the fundamental concepts of Brawl Stars is the primary attacks and the special or unique attacks , exclusive of each fighter.

If you are going to execute ranged attacks, doing so while handling the Joystick can be tricky. Upside down too, so just try both until you find the one that best fits your way of playing.

A single Brawler per player

When starting a game, you must choose which brawler you want to play. Not everyone has the same skills and attacks, so think hard. As expected, Supercell has done an incredible job of balancing the strengths and weaknesses of each hero, so do not think there is one much better than the others.

There is no better Brawler or hero of Brawl Stars , but they differ according to the type of player to which they are destined. Some of them have more life, some less and some that specialize in ranged attacks. As with the controls, you will have no choice but to try several.

Although each has its own characteristics, all share an ability: to become invisible by hiding behind some shrub. The only way to discover the ambushes is to try to get yourself under their branches.

Five game modes that you can not choose

One particularity of Brawl Stars is that it is imperative a guide to game modes . There are five in total, each having nothing to do with the other. In addition, the game does not give you the option to select or change Game Mode: it assigns it automatically.

The available mode randomly changes at least once a day, maybe two. It’s no use specializing in one of them if it can take several days before you can play it again. It is an original idea on the part of Supercell that serves to avoid the hyper specialization so common in its titles.

These are all Brawl Stars game modes and their features:

  • Bot Brawl
  • Reward
  • Smash and Grab
  • Showdown
  • Heist

Bot Brawl: you and your friends against AI

Set up your team with the help of friends or other players. Enter an Arena and kill all the bots you encounter.

It seems that the artificial intelligence of the bots is quite advanced, turning the mode battle against the bots in a fun option and alternative to the online multiplayer.

Reward: for the stars

Your team of two and a half minutes to gather more stars than the rival team. For every death add a star, even if you do not trust: if they kill you, all your stars are going to stop the character that has defeated you.

This mode makes the best players have a huge target in their head. They are the main objective for any team that aspires to win the game. If you have many stars, you know that they will come for you.

This mode is conducive to late infarction. Even if your team is ahead, one or two deaths can tip the balance suddenly in favor of the rival.

Smash and Grab: the MOBA taken to mobile

The spirit of the MOBA is present in this game mode. The map has a neutral zone right in the center. In it there is a mine that generates new gems every 10 seconds. The first team to accumulate ten gems for 16 seconds has won the game.

But beware, not everything is so easy: if one of the heroes dies, the gems that transport will fall to the ground for the rival to do with it. As in the reward mode, this makes the result not definitive until the countdown of 16 seconds does not end.

Showdown: save who can

This version consists of a save yourself who can in all rule. Instead of 3 vs 3 of the other modes, here you play for free. There are 10 Brawlers on the same map, and only one can be left. It is a matter of time for some of the participants to fall.

An interesting feature of this Brawl Stars gameplay is that it can accumulate power by opening TNT boxes. The more you open, the more powerful you are, specifically 100 points of attack stronger.

But the thing does not end there: from the sides of the map a poisonous gas expands towards the center . There are 250 health points per second what remains if it touches you, so do not go near. There is no other alternative than to approach the center until there is only a small circle in which the game is predictably decided.

Heist: a catch the flag slightly atypical

If you’ve been playing video games long enough, you’ll know what the capture mode is about. Brawl Stars includes it, but with a variation: they are not two flags, one for each team, but there is a team that attacks and another that defends.

Nor is it a flag that you should capture but a safe. You must try to assault the fortress of the rival to subtract points of life to the chest. If it opens before the 2:30 minutes are met, you have won. If not, you have lost.

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