Free Online Geography Drills
23 USA Geography Drills
for every USA Student

"No Child Left Behind"
Leaves Geography Behind

Social Studies Has Been
Ignored for Years:

We have all become resigned to that fact that Social Studies and Geography may be on the "back burner" for decades. But that doesn't quench our desire that students learn more about the world -- that doesn't deter us from wanting a better world where people know about their planet.

Click and Learn Software, Inc. offers to help:

To help you help your students, we are making our USA Geography drills free to every school, every teacher, every parent, and every student in the USA. With your guidance, this will work.

This short video shows all of the steps required to learn all 50 states.

Click Here and Learn How To Play

Free Password for ALL USA Teachers and Students

Free access is available at -- when you get to that website you will be asked for a password. The password for ALL USA students is FreeUSA

After you log in, click the Our Drills button and select from any of the 23 USA Geography games.

(Click here to watch a short video showing you how to log on)

We will keep you informed

Our website can handle 4.5 million hits per day. Since it only takes 34 "plays" for a student to learn all 50 states, 132,000 students can learn all 50 states each day with our system.

Feel free to share this password with your colleagues. We will let you know how many students have learned the 50 States with this free offer.

Thank you for your dedication to Geography

Our numbers are dwindling -- there is no financial gain in "pushing" Geography. But you are still here -- fighting for a topic that you believe is important for world peace -- it is a noble cause!

Your input will be critical to the success of this free venture. Let us know what we can do to help you more.

Let's Expose ALL Children to the Wonders of Geography!

Bob Reynolds -- Click and Learn Software -- 405.249.5265 --

The Fine Facts

  • "every student in the USA" actually means every student in grade 4 or above.
  • "Learn all 50 States" means that they can recite all 50 states alphabetically and score over 88.47% on a blank map of the USA after 2 and 1/2 hours.
  • "2 and 1/2 hours" means five 30-minute online sessions over about 5 days.
  • "Wonders of Geography" means that after students learn the basic knowledge (quickly) you (the teacher) will have more classroom time for your energizing critical thinking activities.
  • "Your Guidance" means that you perform all of the magic tricks that you have learned over the years -- you know how to encourage, coax, challenge and inspire your students. Encourage them to whisper the answers as they click the buttons (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona ...). Use a stopwatch to see if they can recite all 50 states in 50 seconds. Challenge them to "beat your time" by showing them that you can do this too (the average age of the management of Click and Learn is 59 and we can all do this -- you can too)!
  • "Each Day" -- although 132,000 students can learn each day, we encourage students to only use the software for 30 minutes a session (it is intense -- take a break or your head will explode).
  • "Free" means it costs you nothing (but your energy and enthusiasm).